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Drawing has never been so Interactive!

Giulia Formato
Drawing with Jazza

Jazza, from the channel, Drawing with Jazza, has become an Australian YouTube sensation, through his comical, enthusiastic and educational weekly uploads. Jazza’s tutorials, speed paintings, streams and competitions provide his large amount of subscribers a personable drawing experience.

Having started YouTube in 2012, Jazza has scaled the digital media platform and now leads in the field as one of Australia’s best drawing tutorial based channels.

“When I started a channel, I saw it as an avenue to make a business; I approached it with a very calculated mind set. Every month I would keep track of my subscribers and the number of video views with a projector graph to see the direction I was going in.

“At the initial stage of my YouTube channel I constantly asked myself how I could collaborate with other people and how I could create content that could be interesting, in order to reach further then my current demographic.”

Jazza, formally known as Josiah Brooks, has always had a passionate interest in art and design. At the age of 12, Josiah found himself aggressively studying art books and really getting into digital media, beginning animation at the young age of 13.

“I spent every day, lunch and recess and half of my school classes, drawing and planning my animation. Once I reached high school graduation I developed some sponsorships and started too monetize the animations and games.”

Originally, Josiah wanted to venture down the path of becoming an animator. After he completed high school, he continued with game design, earning his wage and digital portfolio through the flash game market and web browser games.

“I didn’t really know where my artistic talent would take me; I defiantly didn’t expect to go down the path of tutorials.

“As I started working in flash game market and web browser games, their proficiency, started to decline due to the iPhone and app stores rising in popularity. I soon had to start thinking about what I could do to make more money, at the time I just started my YouTube channel. I started to put more focus on my channel and the content I was uploading, at the time there weren’t many personality’s or channels, on YouTube that focused on tutorial animation, so I used the niche to work in my advantage.”

Josiah created Drawing with Jazza, as he enjoyed making content that he appreciated watching himself, so as soon as YouTube populated it was only natural for Josiah to expand his horizons and eventuate his work to video content.

“I didn’t anticipate that it would be as successful as it has become, but I did plan for it to be a business. I has another channel called Jazza’s studios, where I uploaded a few animations and tutorials, the tutorials were quite successful with 20-30 thousand views , which were very badly made, I began to think if these badly made tutorials are doing well imagine what could happen if I put in some effort.

“My main goal, with the YouTube channel was to provide as much as possible, there are a lot of YouTube channels that have tutorials and then lead to more costly things, however I have always been willing to provide my viewers with how to do things and provide resources files for free and assets to learn from for free.”

Jazza’s subscriber base is consistently developing, due to his holistic and interactive approach to YouTube. Josiah aims to provide his viewers with a personable experience. Jazza finds it imperative that he remains accessible to his viewers, through public events and answering questions and comments.

“My subscribers are primarily young students who need encouragement themselves; therefore I have only received positive feedback and reinforcement for my videos. They are very encouraging people, I have never experience negative comments.”

Jazza recently held a, Drawing with Jazza event at Federation Square. This event allowed Melbourne subscribers to meet the artist in person and draw in an interactive and supportive environment.

Jazza’s YouTube is full of remarkable tutorials, ranging from the highly technical and complex, to beginner. His growing number of subscribers is a true testament, to the high quality, detailed content you are guaranteed to find on, Drawing with Jazza.

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